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Plumbing is one of the most important systems in a home or business. If the plumbing isn’t working, it has an impact on comfort and safety. If your plumbing needs attention, call us today. Life is busy enough, so let us worry about your plumbing when you can’t.

Top Plumbing Repair Issues

Water Supply Lines

  • It has been determined that lead contamination can result in devastating health issues. If lead is suspected, contact a plumbing professional immediately, to ensure the water supply is not affected.
  • If the refrigerator supply line is leaking, if corrosion or swelling is present, if the line is brittle, of if the valve is frozen, a licensed plumber can make proper repairs to prevent possible flooding.

Plumbing Leaks

  • Any time there are untreated leaks in a home or business, it can lead to structural damage and/or mold growth. If you suspect there is a leak, the source of water needs to be addressed.
  • If there is water coming up through the floors, it could be a slab leak, which can cause serious damage if not repaired.
  • When there are wet spots in the ceiling, check for leaks, which can cause injury or damage.
  • Slow leaks around the tub or shower can cause damage to property. Grout and caulking should be addressed as soon as possible when it’s in disrepair.


  • When commodes have corrugated metal supply lines, they should be changed out to prevent possible leaks. The new supply lines are not subject to sudden leakage, which can result in flooding.
  • Commodes that wobble, have worn seals, broken bolts, corrosion or damage need immediate attention. This also applies to any smell of sewer gases.


  • Homes or businesses with Texas Gas Valves (image below) need to be replaced. The Texas Valves are subject to leaking without warning.

  • The gas should be turned off at the valve if a gas leak is suspected. If it cannot be turned off, open windows and call a plumbing professional immediately FROM OUTSIDE the home (outdoors, or from a neighbor’s). A phone line could cause a spark, causing serious bodily harm.

Water Heaters

  • Depending on City Codes, some water heaters need to be placed on stands and brought up to code to prevent possible danger of improperly installed equipment. The danger of improper installation can be devastating to health and property.
  • Corrosion on the unit should be checked by a professional to ensure the unit is working properly.

Water Pressure

  • A pressure reducing valve (PRV) should be installed to prevent possible flooding anytime the water pressure is over 80lbs.
  • If there is a Check Valve or PRV in the yard (a closed system), there should be an Expansion Tank on the Water Heater.

Outside Water Faucets / Hose Bibs

  • The outside faucets should have vacuum breaker on them.

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